Our Story

Juwan’s Story

It never happens when you want it. It never happens when you expect it. It only happens when it’s supposed to happen. For me it happened just over two and one half years ago. I still can’t believe it. One day I’m alone, less than content with my bachelordom, wondering if I would ever find that so called one. Then fate aided by other factor’s intervened and brought Selena into my life and I haven’t looked back since. Selena accepted me for all my faults and took me at what I thought was my lowest point and made me feel like I was the soaring above the clouds. I love her for her strength, her beauty, her grace, her kindness, her faith, her loyalty, her patience, and her heart. For everything that she is and everything that she will be. I am honored that she chose to be with me as we travel into the future together.

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Selena’s Story

On her drive to Birmingham from Atlanta by way of a week long vacation in Costa Rica, Selena (then @PureResilience) powered on her phone. The phone had not been charged all week and battery was low. Prior to her trip, she confirmed a #FollowFriday request to befriend Juwan (@JayTeeDee) and modified her alert settings so she could always be up-to-date on what her five friends were doing, but she was new to the social network and didn’t know what she was doing. This was okay, except for the fact that @JayTeeDee was exhausting what little battery life her phone had with tweets about the trending BET Awards and she still had a ways to go. Before she reached the state line, her battery was dead. Upon her arrival, Selena logged into a computer and unfollowed Juwan. The problem was that she found him intriguing and very entertaining. He made her laugh.

The following week, Selena attended Birmingham’s Thunder on the Mountain event with a friend. While Selena and her friend were out, Juwan called this friend a few times. Secretly missing his quasi-comedic tweets, Selena really wanted to talk to him. She wanted to meet him that night and secretly hoped her friend would agree to meet up with this Mystery Man, so she kept asking about him, his whereabouts, and his plans…but no dice. Her friend was not falling for it; however, she did tell Selena just enough that she decided to follow Juwan again. Her interest was piqued.

As the weeks went by, Selena realized that she had a genuine interest in Juwan and she enjoyed their Twitter conversations. They discovered that they had a lot of mutual friends and she probably asked each one a million questions about him. One of these friends simply said, “he is loyal.” Selena knew she had to meet @JayTeeDee. Their Twitter conversations turned into phone calls and texts. She would smile when she saw his name flash on the pixelated screen of her phone. Three weeks later, they met and she hasn’t looked back since.

“Juwan rescued me from a place that I referred to as “Selena’s World. Population One.” He tries to shield me from pain. He comforts me when I am afraid. He brings me coffee in the middle of the night when I am up late working. He takes care of me. He prays with me. His embrace makes me feel like everything is going to be alright. Juwan is my best friend and the love of my life… he gets me. I am blessed that he chose to spend forever with me.”

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The Wedding Party

Barbara Johnson – Matron of Honor
Andrea Oliver – Matron of Honor
Shaunna Haynes – Maid of Honor
Nicole Stewart – Bridesmaid
Ashley Strode – Bridesmaid
Cambria Dickerson – Bridesmaid
Lynsey Weatherspoon – Bridesmaid
Kaylan Herlong – Flower Girl

De’Meco Bell – Best Man I
Jackie Sanders – Best Man II
James Sanders – Groomsman
Christen Rodgers – Groomsman
Alfred Rodgers III – Groomsman
Glen (Bam) Faust – Groomsman
Jason Neil – Groomsman
Ellis Rodgers – Ring Bearer

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